This amazingly effective fluridone herbicide is used and recommended by thousands of specialists around the globe for its efficacy in eradication of all sorts of nuisance and invasive aquatic weeds. Highly trusted Alligare Fluridone treatment eradicates and controls a wide variety of aquatic weeds such as milfoil, duckweed, hydrilla and other lake & aquatic weeds. When used as directed, Alligare Fluridone controls growth and re-infestation for up to 2 years.

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Alligare Fluridone


Superior Control and Easy Application!

Alligare Fluridone is a long lasting weed control herbicide treatment for use in most all lakes and ponds. And, it’s easy to apply with effects prominent in as little a 7 to 10 days. When used as directed, Alligare Fluridone can control target weeds for up to 2 years since it’s main ingredient ‘Fluridone’ is a world class aquatic weed control formula. As a systematic plant growth inhibitor, Alligare Fluridone has been proven to be highly effective and recommended by aquatic remediation specialists worldwide. Unlike most other aquatic weed control treatments, Alligare Fluridone can minimize the re-growth and completely eradicate a wide variety of aquatic weeds in lakes & ponds, and other contained bodies of water, for a much longer duration compared to ‘quick knock-down’ weed killers.

The effects of the Alligare Fluridone starts only few days after the start of treatment with visual results evident in only a few days. This minimizes long term repeat treatment costs and provides a better solution financially and applicator exposure wise. Alligare Fluridone allows pond and lake owners, and management specialists, to easily get rid of various target nuisance weeds taking over lakes, ponds, water sources and drainage systems fast and efficiently.


Alligare Fluridone is formulated with the highly reputable ingredient ‘fluridone’ which has the  chemical name 1-methyl-3-phenyl-5-[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-4-(1H)-pyridinone). This powerful chemical acts as a powerful agent to control growth and survival of weeds by essentially blocking plants from consuming nutrients, leading to eradication. It is absorbed and taken up by the roots and shoots, then it travels up to the whole vascular system where it blocks the synthesis of carotene, resulting in a breakdown of chlorophyll in the presence of sunlight. Thus, after few days of treatment, discoloration of the weeds can be seen and the process of complete aquatic weed control begins, and lasts for an extended period of time.  For susceptible target weeds, there is never a need to add any other aquatic chemicals once Alligare Fluridone is applied at suggested rates.

Target weed/algae Control 100%
Ease of Use 94%
Speed of Takedown 96%
Cost Effective 95%

Application of this highly efficacious herbicide is also very easy. Simply follow the detailed label instructions properly and your pond will thank you! Since fluridone is a systemic herbicide, it has to stay in water for a longer period of time while the weeds drink up this chemical. This long term presence results in the way weeds function, and is followed by elimination of the weed altogether. After application, you will notice the change in color of the new upcoming shoots within a few days. After a few weeks of treatment, your pond, lake or drainage area (and other aquatic water systems) will all be restored to a weed free environment. Gone are the days of applying a plethora of chemicals which yield limited and temporary control, Alligare Fluridone eliminates a large variety of common nuisance aquatic weeds. Consult the fluridone label for proper use of the herbicide. Label includes instructions for the proper timings of application of the herbicide, area of application, specific weeds controlled by fluridone, restrictions for use and ideal conditions for mixing. Once Alligare is applied, your lake or pond will be weed free and may only require periodic shoreline maintenance. Since Alligare controls growth for extended periods of time, it is highly economical as repeat treatments become unnecessary. So, if you are ready to finally take control of your nuisance aquatic weeds, save your time, energy (and extra money) apply Alligare Fluridone today!

  • Kenny, PA
    "My lake was infested with at least 8 different weedy type plants growing off of my shoreline about 30 feet towards the center of the pond. The Alligare Fluridone killed off all of the excess growth and I can finally enjoy my view."
    Kenny, PA
  • Brenda and Charles, IN.
    "This product saved our pond from disaster. We were totally covered with Duckweed for 3 years and tried everything on the market to kill it. 2 weeks after applying the Alligare, our duckweed was 95% gone and 1 week later 100% gone. We are extremely happy."
    Brenda and Charles, IN.
  • Doug R., MI
    "This chemical kills duckweed fast. I read the instructions and went over them 3 times to make sure I got it right. Everything worked out wonderfully. Duckweed was controlled in no time and I added a little blue dye when it was gone and now my pond looks fantastic."
    Doug R., MI